Spawn vs. Ghost Rider

by Fisher on January 14, 2015
GBR VS Weigh-in

This is probably my favorite battle to date! I am torn between these two characters so I will let the GBR readers make the decision for me. They both have reigned as kings of hell. Ghost Rider even killed Satan himself! This would make the underworld an ideal backdrop for this battle because they both will have home-field advantage.

If it is a battle in their human form, it would be stuntman Johnny Blaze versus trained government assassin Al Simmons. No contest right? Well, Simmons has a lot of blood on his hands and wouldn’t stand a chance against Ghost Rider’s penance stare. But, then again, Spawn became God. That would just be unfair.

Since his stint as God was short, let’s focus on just the base components.¬†Hellspawn (Spawn) versus Spirit of Vengeance (Ghost Rider). Hellspawns are considered hell’s elite. They have symbiotic suits, similar to the Venom symbiote, that hold influence over the wearer if the will isn’t strong enough.

Spirits of vengeance are credited with having strength that even rivals the Hulk. The possessed can also be controlled by the Rider if he/she isn’t strong in will. Both have mystical chains as weapons, but Spawn carries massive firepower in the form of guns. Unfortunately for Spawn, Ghost Rider also carries a gun. A gun that shoots hellfire.

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Just for the sake of thoroughness, lets compare the movie versions. I understand that the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider movies get a lot go flak. Either, way I think the Ghost Rider in the movies look badass and is pretty much OP!

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GBR manned a booth at this year’s Wizard World Convention in New Orleans and a fan of the site says that he wanted to see a triple threat battle between Spawn, Ghost Rider, and SCORPION! Comment below on how you think the battle would sway throwing in the ninja demon Scorpion as a wildcard.

Scorpion is also a flaming-skull demon that breaths hellfire like the Ghost Rider. He has the hand-to-hand fighting skill that neither Ghost Rider nor Spawn can compete with. Even though Scorpion never ruled over heaven or hell he has taken out the Mortal Kombat big bad, the Dragon King.


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