New Orleans WizCon 2015

by Blake Autin on January 13, 2015

The dust has settled, and the light sabers have powered down.  GBR has completed it’s very first convention.  I would like to personally thank everyone who stopped by the booth.  We had a blast with all of you.  We received so many original battle suggestions, and also settled a few arguments right there in the booth.  All of us here at GBR are looking forward to hearing from you all in the future.  We stand behind our promise to include frequent commenters on future podcasts and webisodes, so get to commenting.

Wizard World put on another amazing show.  I always think I am going to show up to a convention and not be excited for some reason, but once again I walked in and started giggling like a school girl.  Blaine did too, don’t let him convince you otherwise.  We had the best booth neighbors we could possibly ask for.  Thanks to the fine ladies of Kate’s Comic Geekery, without y’all we would have no Sharpies or ink pens.  Good lookin out!  Anyone who gets that excited when the ECTO-1 rolls by is a friend in my book.

A lot of you participated in our Cosplay Contest.  We have decided that each member of the GBR staff will score all entries on this Friday’s Podcast/Webisode.  We will then take the Top 5 and open them up to public voting.  Thank all of you for participating!

The winner of the Contra Tournament was Mike Hernandez!  With a commanding score of 732,400, he not only won, he destroyed any hopes of anyone coming close to that prize.  Great job!  We will be in touch to get your prize out to you.  But seriously, there were people who put the controller right back down when they heard the score they had to beat.  Did you have to beat the game in 10 minutes? Geez!

We definitely plan on being back next year.  Bigger booth, more marbles.  How could we go wrong?  Stay tuned for updates about future appearances.  Thank you all so much!

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