GBR Let’s Play: Mega Man Episode 1

by Moonbase10 on September 3, 2015
GBR Let's Play

Let’s Play Mega Man! Part 1 of 3

Join Chase (AKA Moonbase10) as he stumbles and curses his way through three stages of Mega Man. This episode will cover Gutsman, Cutman, and Elecman.

If you frequent the Geek Battle Royale Facebook page, you may have already seen the Gutsman portion of this video as a teaser.  You can jump to the 4:00 mark to skip Gutsmans level, or enjoy watching old Moonbase10 fail repeatedly all over again.
The episodes for Mega Man 1 will be posted fairly rapid fire to make way for Mega Man 2 which will have special guest commentator Blake on board and should be more than just Moonbase10 cursing constantly while sucking at a game he claims to be an expert on.
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