Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew VS The Mighty Mutanimals

by Moonbase10 on January 16, 2015
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Inhabitants of Earth-C who gained superpowers, mostly from a meteorite that Superman destroyed when he accidentally travelled to their dimension.  They were a bonus comic within the New Teen Titans series but got their own short lived comic, generating 20 issues before cancellation, with 6 unreleased issues to later come out in trade form years later.  The characters still cameo from time to time in the current DC Universe.


Captain Carrot

Rodney Rabbit eats a Cosmic Carrot and for 24 hours becomes Captain Carrot.  His powers include super strength, hearing, vision and jumping.



Peter Porkchops, after being struck by a meteor fragment, fell into molten steel, transforming him into a hulking pig made of living iron.  Powers include super strength and impenetrable skin.


Yankee Poodle

Rova Barkitt was struck by a meteor fragment and gained the power to shoot repulsive stars from one hand and attracting red and white stripes from the other.



Hailing from Mew Orleans, Felina Furr is a martial arts instructor and also a student of the mystical arts.



Timmy Joe Terrapin, also struck my a meteor fragment, gained the power of super speed.  He can leave after images of himself to confuse foes and can launch himself by rapidly retracting and extending his legs from within his shell.



Byrd Rentals, you guessed it, was struck by a meteor fragment and gained the ability to stretch his body similar to Reed Richards.


Little Cheese

Chester Cheese, ate a piece of experimental cheese and gained the ability to shrink himself to a few centimeters tall.



The Mutanimals 


A group of the Ninja Turtles allies and enemies teamed together for a short run comic series. They battled insect space aliens, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and mercenaries, only to be killed off when their sales slumped after 12 issues.



Native South African living in Jamaica, transformed by a magic talisman into part man part red wolf with super speed.



Son of a Brazilian tribal woman and the magical Jaguar Spirit. Half man half jaguar with magical abilities.



A cajun man transformed into a half man half alligator by a witch named Mary Bones. Enchanced strength and though hide of an alligator.


Mondo Gecko

Teenage skateboarder and musician mutated with his pet gecko into a half man half gecko. Can stick to walls like a gecko.


Man Ray

Marine biologist mutated with a manta ray. Enhanced strength, can breathe underwater and swim and great speeds.


Wingnut & Screwloose

Wingnut is a bat-like alien that can fly aided by a winged jetpack. Screwloose is a mosquito-like alien that needs Wingnuts blood to sustain him. Wingnut is prone to insanity unless bitten by Screwloose to calm him forming a symbiotic relationship.


Much like the current atmosphere of the Marvel Universe, this comes down to super powered regular folks, versus mutants. Except here the mutants aren’t sporting optic blasts, diamond skin, or demonic teleportation.  Dreadmon is the only one with a true ‘power’, of super speed.  I wouldn’t count them out yet though, as they fought the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (with the aid of the Turtles) and came out the other side alive.  They were green lit for their own cartoon series following the success of the Turtles (more than the Zoo Crew ever got) but when the comic was cancelled, all that went down the sewer pipes.  So what did they do? They offed them like Sonny Corleone…look at this, this is a kids comic mind you…


I honestly can’t call this one.  My brain says the Zoo Crew being genuine super heroes would come out victorious.  But the Mutanimals are just so much cooler. Plus they are known to pack some serious heat from time to time (see cover above).

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What do you think? Where do you weigh-in with this anthropomorphic zoological brawl?



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